The Classic Upward Bound Program (CUB) is accepts applications for Tutors (Academic Year) and Tutor-Mentors (Summer Program) throughout the year.

Tutors (Academic Year)

Part-time Math, Science, English/Language Arts, and Spanish tutors work with CUB students at Waterloo East High, Waterloo West High, and the University of Northern Iowa (for Cedar Falls students). Tutors in these subject areas may be assigned to assist individuals and/or small groups of high school students after school Monday through Thursday.

For application form, click on the following link: Tutor Application Form

To apply, send completed application, a resumé, and a grade transcript to:

Classic Upward Bound Program
800 Sycamore Street
Waterloo, IA 50703

Tutor-Mentors (Summer Program)

The Tutor/Mentor reports to the Floor Supervisor while in the dormitory and the teacher while in the classroom. His/her performance is evaluated by each supervisor. Tutor-Mentors are prohibited from taking courses during the six-week summer program.

For application form, click on the following link: Tutor-Mentor Application Form


  1. Must be an upperclassman (Junior or Senior) at a college or university with a 2.50 or higher GPA, or have a Bachelor's Degree in the tutoring area.
  2. Must be able to relate to high school students and/or have at least three year's experience working in a TRiO Program and/or be a former TRiO participant.

Note: All dorm staff are required to sleep in the dorm every night. Overnight guests will not be permitted.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Tutor-Mentor


  1. Assists the students in developing academic skills, competencies, and classroom behavior.
  2. Submits reports on each student tutored to the teacher as required.
  3. Takes attendance and submits to CUB office daily.
  4. Performs other duties as required by the teacher.
  5. Provides tutoring at each scheduled tutoring session.

Dormitory Duties

  1. Conducts scheduled conferences with assigned students three times during the sumer program.
  2. Mentors all students as needed, providing any assistance necessary to allow them to have a successful experience.
  3. Assists the Dorm Coordinator and Floor Supervisor as needed.
  4. Participates in the planning and implementation of all recreational, educational, and cultural activities during the six-week summer program.
  5. Ensures that all program participants strictly adhere to all CUB rules and regulations.
  6. Snack duties (pick up, serve, and clean up).


  1. Attends all required pre- and in-service training sessions and staff meetings.
  2. Supervise small groups during trips.
  3. Makes appropriate referrals to Dorm Coordinator and Administrative Staff.
  4. Develops relationships with other member of the staff to facilitate effective interaction.
  5. Resides in the dorm and is on duty 24 hours each day during the six-week summer component when students are in residence.
  6. Performs other duties as requested by his/her Supervisors or Project Administrators.
  7. Submit a three-page typed summative report and attend an oral exit interview.
  8. Wear a first-aid fanny pack at all times.

To apply, send completed application, a resumé, and a grade transcript to:

Classic Upward Bound Program
800 Sycamore Street
Waterloo, IA 50703

For additional information on employment with the Classic Upward Bound Program, call 433-1250.