Robotics Team Kick-Off Meeting

September 5, 2012

Last year, the University of Northern Iowa Classic Upward Bound program had an incredible opportunity to participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge program. This program emphasizes the importance of science and technology engineering in our ever changing, highly sophisticated, technological world. The Upward Bound program assembled a group of interested program scholars to develop, design and create a robot to enter into competitions. During these competitions, scholars from around the state of Iowa competed for the opportunity to make it to regional, national and world-wide competitions.

Our program scholars created "Buster", a highly technical and innovative robot to submit to competition. Students, along with John Deere engineers and a teacher mentor, created "Buster" from scratch, programmed his movements into a computer and successfully entered him into competition. Team 5445, the Upward Bound team, traveled to various competitions within the state of Iowa and performed very well for it being the inagural year of the Upward Bound team. Using gracious professionalism to encourage a positive and collaborative atmosphere amongst the teams, Upward Bound scholars represented the Program and the University of Northern Iowa on many stages of competition.

This year, we aim to take what went well and what we could have done better to create an even better team and robot with more students participating actively to reach our goal of making it to the world competition in St. Louis. In order for this to happen we need Upward Bound scholars to partipate in the team.

This Saturday, September 8, 2012, from 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M., the robotics team will have a kick-off meeting at the UNICUE to discuss the competition this year, development times to work on the robot, and other information pertaining to the FIRST Tech Challenge. We would like to see as many program scholars as possible at this meeting.

Please contact the UNICUE to let us know if you are able to attend and interested in working on the new design for the robot.Team 5445 ready to square off with "Buster", the robot created by the UNI Classic Upward Bound program for the FIRST Tech Challenge, 2011