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My name is Matthew Moore and I am the Assistant Director for the Class Upward Bound Program at the University of Northern Iowa Center for Urban Education.

I assist students from Waterloo East, West, and Expo High School with academic and personal counseling; and with achieving goals set for them at the beginning of the school year. I am also the site supervisor for the after school tutorial program.

I work specifically with rising seniors during the summer program and with seniors during the academic year. There are several areas that we concentrate on which include college applications, understanding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and various financial aid options, and scholarship applications. While achieving a high level of academic success is emphasized throughout the student's academic tenure through the Upward Bound Program achieving at their best during their senior year is highly emphasized to keep them focused on their academic and post-secondary educational goals. Students are encouraged to take the ACT a second and third time if necessary to put them in the running for institutional scholarships. We, seniors and I, battle "senioritis" and work together to make their educational dream a reality.

I graduated from UNI With my Master of Arts in American History in 2012. I also graduated from UNI with my Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Studies Education at the secondary level.

I am also married to my lifelong friend Sarah. We were married in August 2012 and I could not be happier about that experience and to experience the rest of our lives together. We welcomed our daughter Hazel Grace Moore to the world on October 3, 2014 and we are so happy that she is a part of our lives.

In my free time I read historical literature ranging from American historical topics to Europe and the Middle East. I also write music, play every sport imaginable and enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

I am passionate about what I do in every aspect of my life and I strive to produce in our students people of character, develop their concept of self-worth, and guide them to achieve academic and social excellence.

"Those who choose to see the best in people are rarely disappointed"-Deb Moore

"Do your best, forget the rest"-Tony Horton

B.A. 2009 History : U.N.I. (Secondary History Education)
2009 All-Social Science Teaching Endorsement
M.A. 2012 (U.N.I.) American History