UNI-CUE Fact Book

The UNI-CUE represents the university’s strong commitment to cultural diversity – a place where UNI faculty, staff, and students address educational problems in the community and provide academic programming, counseling, and college recruitment to disadvantaged and first-generation youth and adults.

UNI-CUE staff continues to be committed to providing academic services to the the growing number of individuals from the Cedar Valley. The UNI-CUE's Fact Book was developed to show annually the number of individuals that visit the UNI-CUE and participate in the TRiO programs. Staff also serve individuals in the school district and community agencies.

UNI-CUE 2019-2020 Fact Book

UNI-CUE 2018-2019 Fact Book

UNI-CUE 2017-2018 Fact Book