UNi-CUE Computer Lab: Guidelines for Usage

Computer Lab Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • The UNI-CUE has a state-of-the-art computer lab for student and client use. The Computer Lab is not available for use by the general public.
  • All users of this technology have the responsibility to use this educational opportunity properly in accordance with the rules of the UNI-CUE. All users must comply with Internet regulations.
  • The purpose of the computer lab at the UNI-CUE is to provide access to technology for participants who seek to further academic goals.

UNI-CUE Computer Lab Priorities

Program participants may use the lab resources based on the following priorities:

    • FAFSA Forms
    • Academics - Includes homework, college applications, research, and other scholarly work.
    • Recreation - Includes any other use of computer resources for personal entertainment.

      Printing Guideline

      • UNI, Hawkeye Community College, and other college students may use the computer stations in the student lounge. College students will have access to print from these computers.
      • EOC, ETS, CUB, and CUE program participants may print from computers in the Computer Lab, the Student Lounge, and the Tutoring Lab. Copies will go to the printer located in those respective areas.
      • Participants may only print 5-10 sheets.
      • There will be no use of inappropriate websites (i.e., adult content, offensive materials, etc.) allowed.