UNI Center for Urban Education (UNI-CUE)

The University of Northern Iowa Center for Urban Education (UNI-CUE) fully embraces the concept of continuing and part-time education.

  • Continuing Education Classes are offered at the UNI-CUE weekly; Monday through Thursday, during the academic year, providing easy access to university credit courses. Continuing Education courses continue to be expanded and offered during the fall and spring semesters at a time convenient for most nontraditional students.
  • The UNI-CUE Leadership Academy is a four-week summer program that helps 5th grade students transition to middle school. The Academy is designed to hone the skills of potential young leaders. Students participate in a range of classes, which include reading, writing, math and art. Students must be nominated by their 5th grade teachers as having great potential for leadership and academic achievement.
  • The UNI-CUE Tutoring Center provides free tutoring services during the academic year to Black Hawk County students in grades K-12. Tutors are upper-level undergraduate students from UNI, and community voluteers, who work one-on-one with students to improve reading, English, composition, social sciences, math, and other skills as requested. The UNI-CUE Tutoring Center is specifically designed to provide skill development over the course of several weeks during a semester. Students must register for tutoring each semester.
  • UNI-CUE ACT Prep Sessions provides tutoring services to high school juniors and seniors preparing to take or retake the ACT. These prep sessions are free to juniors and seniors from any high school in Black Hawk County. Students may enroll in more than one subject and may repeat the sessions until they feel comfortable with taking the ACT.
    • UNI-CUE TRiO PROGRAMS:   The UNI-CUE supports a number of programs to assist community members and university students with pursuing and continuing their educational goals, and prepare for careers. UNI-CUE houses federally-funded TRIO programs - Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), Educational Talent Search – Waterloo (ETS) and Educational Talent Search – Cedar Rapids (ETSCR), and Upward Bound (UB). The following section includes a brief description of each program's mission and the link to its program web site. 

    For additional information on UNI-CUE programs, please click on the corresponding link below, or call 319-273-4772.

    Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)


    The goal of the Educational Opportunity Center program is to provide education related counseling, advice and support to adults that are interested in exploring and pursuing post-secondary education, short-term training or high school completion. Counselors assist with exploring career and training options, college admissions, financial aid, resolving defaulted student loans and making connections with community resources. All services are free for eligible participants. Give us a call today to see how we can help 319-247-4774! For additional information please visit our website https://eop.uni.edu/educational-opportunity-center. You can also find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unieducationalopportunitycenter

    Educational Talent Search (ETS)


    The Educational Talent Search program is funded by the United State Department of Education and the University of Northern Iowa. The program provides tutorial services, career exploration, information on postsecondary education, exposer to college campuses, information on student financial assistance, assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications, assistance in preparing for college entrance exams, special activities for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, and workshops for the families of participants. In October 2021, UNI-CUE added Educational Talent Search - Cedar Rapids to its TRIO programs. Like its Waterloo counterpart which serves the Waterloo Community School District, ETSCR serves middle school and high school participants in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. To learn more, please visit our website at https://eop.uni.edu/educational-talent-search/educational-talent-search. Or you can call (319) 273-4772 with any questions. 

    Upward Bound (UB)


    Upward Bound (UB) is a college preparatory program co-funded by the United States Department of Education and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). It is designed to empower program participants with the academic skills and motivation necessary to be successful in high school and to ultimately complete college. Services available to Upward Bound Participants include: academic advising and counseling, personal and career counseling, supplemental instruction/ tutoring services, financial aid counseling, skills development workshops, academic instruction, cultural/educational enrichment activities, college admissions assistance, six-week summer campus residential program and bridge program. To learn more, please visit: https://eop.uni.edu/classic-upward-bound. Or you can call us at 319.273.4775 with any questions!