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The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) places a high priority on providing quality education to financially disadvantaged and minority students. To fulfill this commitment for all students, the University has established the Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Special Community Services (EOP/SCS).  EOP/SCS programs are designed and coordinated specifically to meet our students' educational, social, and financial needs. A primary goal for the EOP/SCS staff is to provide supportive services to all project students, thus enhancing the successful completion of the student's  college career.

System of Support in the Cedar Valley: Neighbors of Peace, Prosperity & Compassion

Registration is now open for the 2019 System of Support Conference:

Learn about local efforts addressing inequities and inequalities in the Cedar Valley community. Conference will arm helping professionals with knowledge and tools to support their populations in the areas of employment, education, criminal justice, health, gender, sexual orientation and housing. 

Sponsored by UNI TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), UNI College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) and UNI Center for Urban Education (UNI-CUE).